Monday, June 11, 2007

How to remove recycle bin from your desktop?

How to remove recycle bin from your desktop?

To do this you need to edit the Windows Registry by doing following


Start Regedit.exe application. (Click on Start -> Run and type the

application you want to open, in our case Regedit and hit enter.

Then navigate to following entry in registry



00AA002F954E} and delete it.

This action should remove recycle bin from your desktop.

Now feel the differences……….

IMPORTANT: This procedure contains information about modifying the registry. Before you modify the registry, make sure to back it up and make sure that you understand how to restore the registry if a problem occurs. For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, click the following article numbers to view the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

256986 -
Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry

- HOW TO: Back Up, Edit, and Restore the Registry in Windows XP.

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