Monday, June 11, 2007

How to speed up the WinXP Boot - Up time

Having problem with slow boot-up time or is it taking long period to resume?

There are variety of reasons why your windows XP system would

boot slowly. Most of the times it this has to do with the startup


If you would like to speed up the boot up sequence, consider removing

some of the startup applications that you do not need. Easiest way to

remove startup apps is through System Configuration Utility

MSConfig.exe (Launch application by START -> RUN and enter


In MsConfig.exe application choose STARTUP tab and deselecting

application(s) that you do not want to startup at boot time. If this

works, great!!! If not you can also look into SERVICES tab and

possibly deselect WORKSTATION option and see whether it helped or

not in terms of booting performance.

To know more about boot time and what Microsoft is doing about it?

Visit Microsoft web site on fast boot /fast resume at

And go to download section and you would see software called

Bootvis.exe (i.e. it is Microsoft Boot Performance trace visualization

tool and has option to optimize your boot sequence).

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